Real foundations of a successful business

Can I describe the basics of a successful business in a few words? Is there any easy way to reveal the essence of a successful business quickly and briefly? Does a successful business have a special beginning, the right beginning of business? Does a successful business have a Foundation? My answer is Yes. There is a Foundation on which a successful business is based.

In principle, the Foundation is not only for business, but for everything that surrounds us. The building has a Foundation. Children have parents. Trees have roots. Business also has a Foundation, because this is how our world works. Knowing this Foundation, you can safely start any business. You don’t need to know much. Business looks like a complicated business, but it’s not.

Many people think that business is a very difficult task and do not dare to do it. However, the business is quite simple. There is one very simple point that reveals its entire essence. What is this moment? The basic point of business is people’s needs. People’s needs are the Foundation of a successful business. If they didn’t exist, business simply wouldn’t be possible.

Which increases the success of the business

Every business is based on meeting needs. However, it is important not only to know that people have needs. It is much more important to know how they are formed, because this knowledge will allow you to create them and have a successful business. Why will the business be successful? Because you can create as many needs, and therefore customers, as the business requires.

The Foundation of a successful business is meeting people’s needs. Accordingly, the real business can be done by someone who is ready to accept this idea, the idea that he will have to deal with the needs of other people. Not your own needs, but the needs of other people. Successful satisfaction of someone else’s needs is money, and therefore profit from marketing.

You satisfy someone else’s need, you get paid money. Money is not paid for goods or services, but for doing what someone else doesn’t want or can’t do. Need is just the beginning of the process. After the need comes the need. Need is a state of uncertainty. In it, a person feels that he needs something, but does not realize what. Familiar situation?

Needs as the Foundation of a successful business

The situation is familiar to both the buyer and seller. Everyone was in the role of a buyer and was looking for something, not knowing what. A competent seller does not immediately offer the product to the buyer, because a competent seller knows that the buyer may not be ready to buy. First, a competent seller finds out the need of the buyer, and does it very carefully.

You can understand the algorithm for creating needs only if you understand why marketing is needed and if you realize that the only natural, and therefore normal, state in nature is a state of uniformity. If someone wants to argue with this – throw all the charges to nature and ask her why she is so arranged and why she needs it.

What makes a business effective

The opposite of this state, which is not natural, and therefore normal – is a state of heterogeneity. A person wants to get rid of this condition. What is homogeneity? For example, a dam is homogeneous if there is air or water on all its sides, if on one side there is air and on the other there is water – this is already heterogeneity.

Ideas as the basis of a successful business

The answer to this question is simple-the consumer can be homogeneous or heterogeneous to the market. If the market suddenly has something that the consumer does not have, then it becomes heterogeneous to it and it has a need. But not everything is so simple, because not every market is related to the consumer. The consumer is only a part of the markets whose ideas are embedded in it.

For example, the idea behind the iPhone is embedded in the consumer. Accordingly, when the next new device is released, the consumer becomes heterogeneous to the market. If the consumer has implemented the idea that underlies Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone, then the release of the new iPhone will not cause them to need it, they will not even notice it.

If a new Galaxy from Samsung comes out, then it’s a different matter, then it will become heterogeneous. Accordingly, the secret of a successful business is to constantly change the idea underlying the market through the interaction of marketing and sales. Then a product is released for this changed idea, which allows it to be implemented.