What is the essence of a customer retention strategy

Customer – oriented business and it is an axiom and that it would keep the right strategy of customer retention Without customer the business will not build, because the money the business brings customers. Everyone knows this, as well as the fact that customers are very picky guys. They are not fastidious out of the blue, but they have every right to be. Customers pay money and have the right to choose what to pay for and what not to pay for. This forces the business to be in constant tension, because if you do not give the client what they want, the client will leave.

To prevent this from happening, to prevent customers from leaving or running away, we need a customer retention strategy that will allow us to keep them purposefully, systematically, constantly,and most importantly, unobtrusively. In order to build the most effective strategy, you need to keep the client at the level of his idea, because the client is basically a person, and the basis of a person is his idea. You can even say that the strategy of customer retention is a strategy of indicating new profitable ways of life for the client.

How can this be achieved? This can only be achieved if you offer the client a new idea that no one has previously offered him and convince him that this idea will make him very happy. A good new idea will be welcomed by the client, because he intuitively feels that the new idea will make his personal idea more advanced, and therefore more competitive, as well as the client himself.

In theory, everything is good, but in practice it is not always so good, because the inertia of thinking prevents you from realizing all this. The eyes see the material component of the client, but they do not see the ideal one. As a result, the habitual way of thinking draws the client as something static, as something that has always been, is and will be in the same state. In reality, this is not the case at all. The client is a living person who is based on his idea. This idea is constantly changing, and then the person himself changes.

The one who first offers the client an idea that develops it – he will eventually get the client, but only as long as he does not have a need for a new idea. Accordingly, the strategy of customer retention should be long-term, because customer retention is an endless process, it never ends. The first person to finish it is usually the first to leave the market.

Customer retention strategy is profitable

It is profitable to retain customers. On the one hand, it is 10 times cheaper than creating new clients, and on the other hand, the amount you need to spend on creating a single client can keep a dozen clients. This means that if you manage your customers instead of creating them to replace the ones that have gone, you can free up money for something else. If you know how to retain customers, you will not need to search for new customers.

The client retention algorithm is quite simple. Since the client is basically an idea, then first of all, you need to highlight his idea. Accordingly, the strategy of retaining clients begins with highlighting their ideas. If there are not many clients, then you need to highlight the idea of each of them. If there are a lot of clients, it is enough to segment them and highlight the idea of a customer segment.

How to retain customers correctly

Every person feels very good about any other person. But the problem is that these feelings are subconscious. You feel what you feel, but you don’t know what to do with it, and you’re not sure what you feel right.

If the client’s idea is selected and transformed into the form in which it is perceived by the mind, then it becomes clear what the client wants and what he may want in the future. Highlighting an idea is, so to speak, the transformation of subconscious feelings into concrete information that you can work with.

The idea selection is made in order to know what new idea can be offered to the client. The fact is that not every idea the client will accept with a Bang, but only the one that corresponds to his personal idea.

So highlighting a client’s idea is the most important stage of customer retention. If you do not select it or select it incorrectly, then you can not continue, because the probability that a completely random client will be offered exactly the right idea, tends to zero.

Accordingly, strive for zero and the probability that the client will remain yours. Generating new ideas that match the client’s idea. You need to generate as many ideas as possible, because if this allows you to offer the client not one, but several ideas. If he likes more than one idea, it will be a good guarantee that the client will not leave.

The client will not leave because in the process of how he will be presented with ideas, they will be introduced to him and begin to motivate him to develop.The client is unlikely to be able to refuse to develop the ideas embedded in it, it will be interesting for him to implement them, but once You have implemented them, for him it means that You know how to implement the implemented ideas, which will detain the client from You.