Know The Best Possible Moves Using Chess-Bot

A computer program called chess-bot is a robot who knows how to play chess. It can be used to get suggestions for the next move for the player or the user can play against it by setting the difficulty level. Professionals have used the program to learn chess.

How to use it?

The program can be used to play online chess. The chances of winning of the player using chess-bot are enormously increased. All one needs is the program to be downloaded and installed on the computer.

After installation:

  • Start the app
  • On the app, select the website on which you will be playing. There’s a huge list of websites to select from.
  • Open the website to play.
  • The player must confirm that the complete board is visible on the screen.
  • If you are white, press Alt+White, else pressAlt+Black. This is to tell the program which side it has to play.

Now, chess-bot is taking a large amount of space on the computer memory. The computer might be a little slow or laggy. To make it run smoothly, the app must be unloaded from the memory after the game has been played. The shortcut Alt+X is made for this purpose.

Required Settings

There are a few settings which are must for the program to run and a few of them are recommended for the smooth running of the program:

  • The zoom of the browser must be set to 100%.
  • The scaling of the windows (text & icons) should also be 100%.
  • Browser: Google Chrome is recommended, however, the program runs smoothly on many other browsers also.
  • The colors for the display must be the default ones and must not be changed otherwise the chess-bot won’t detect the chess-board and won’t work.

Well, this program can decide the winner of the game. The website would never know which player used it.